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Nieuw optreden

Volgende week (19 juni) ga ik Iris begeleiden met het nummer “Dat ik je mis” van Maaike Ouboter. Het wordt mijn eerste optreden als gitarist, heb er heel erg veel zin in.

Weather Systems tour

Last Saturday a long awaited dream came through. For at least 10 years I am a huge fan of the British Anathema. I was one of those who were very excited about their “we’re here because we’re here” album and when I heard they were playing in Paradiso I immediately bought tickets. Shortly after that moment they announced “weather systems”.

The evening started at 7pm with the band Amplifier. After forty-five minutes they left the stage and the wait began. In between we could enjoy the atmosphere from the great Paradiso when suddenly the sound became louder and A New Machine #1 scattered through the speakers. It has begun.

From the very first tones it was clear that this was going to be a very special evening. Anathema had prepared a very nice set which contained as well songs from Alternative 4 to their latest work. Highlights of the evening for me were Deep, and everything from Judgement. This is the album that got me into Anathema. They played one after another highlight, and when Internal Landscapes was played we knew that this was it. But they continued with the epic songs Closer and A Natural Disaster.

At last they started Shroud of False and I got shivers down my spine, it was immediately followed by Fragile Dreams. And that was it, my first live Anathema experience, and it was awesome. Next time I’ll be there again. For now, turn on the cd’s.

  • A New Machine (Part 1)
  • Untouchable, Part 1
  • Untouchable, Part 2
  • Lightning Song
  • Thin Air
  • Dreaming Light
  • Deep
  • Emotional Winter
  • Wings of God
  • A Simple Mistake
  • The Storm Before the Calm
  • The Beginning and the End
  • Universal
  • Panic
  • The Lost Child
  • Internal Landscapes
  • Closer
  • A Natural Disaster
  • Flying
  • Shroud of False
  • Fragile Dreams

Autumn has come

It has been a while since my last post and a lot has happened since then. I finished my thesis, we started mixing our demo, visited Crete, went to the Haarlem Jamborette, danced at the Folkwoods festival and enjoyed the Lowlands festival as well. Last but not least I started working. But, first things first.

As you all might know my thesis was about Narrative Generation in the context of tourism.After the application was finished I started working on some experiments. I arranged a few test persons who were willing to test my application. Meanwhile I started writing my thesis. Once there were test results I added them to the thesis and I delivered the first concept. One week afterwards I handed in my final version. On the first of July I had to defend my thesis. I survived and was graduated, I only had to wait till the 22 of September to be allowed to call myself “Master of Science”.

The Saturday after my thesis defence we played as support for Trip Trigger. We had a great show but after we finished I had to go home because I was completely broken.

A few days later I flew with my girlfriend to the wonderful island of Crete. The temperature over there was 30 degrees Celsius, a lot nicer than it was at that point of time in the Netherlands. We stayed there for two weeks and saw most of the island. We rented a car to be more flexible. On our flight back an unpleasant surprise awaited because we were not on the passengers list of our plane, which is very strange indeed. Luckily we were allowed to board 20 minutes before the plane left. (We arrived 3 hours before the plane left)

After the holiday I went, together with 21 other people of my Scouting group, to the Haarlem Jamborette. I will not go into detail here but this were 11 amazing days with a lot of fun, sun, rain and enthusiasm of as well the organisation as well as the participants. I’ve met a lot of nice people from all different countries and everybody was having a great time over there.

My festival season this year was the same as the previous years, which means first the Folkwoods festival and then A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise. I’ve seen a lot of great artists, a few highlights: Elbow, Within Temptation and Seth Lakeman.

So it has been a very busy summer and that’s not all. The first of September I started working at VLC, a Dutch consulting company in Enterprise Information Management (EIM). I started as a Young Professional in the Young Professional Academy, and in a week from now I’ll be known as a Web Content Management Consultant. So in future there will be slightly more posts on EIM.


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