The past few months flew away like a hurricane and I cannot even recall what happened since I entered this rollercoaster. Actually the only stable factors have been Scouting and my work. And stable with work is a bit a relative saying here. Because in a stable project all members stay onboarded but here they come and go. Luckily for me I stay.

But next to work the most changes are in my personal situation. Half a year ago, after we broke up, I decided to buy my first house. Easy said but that did have a lot of consequences. I searched for homes in the place I live and neighbouring cities. After I visited at least 10 different homes there was only one that came close to what I requested. So I bid for the house and after some back and forth calls we agreed to a nice price. Then I had to arrange several facilities such as a mortgage. This took quite some time but in the end it was not that difficult at all because of my consultant.

At the same time we were preparing the yearly scoutscamp, we went to Nijmegen. This was a week filled with fun, water, sun and great activities. I really felt energetic again. Also during camp I received a text message that everything for my house was done so I could become the owner.

On the 3th of August I received the keys and up till today I am still busy with some DIY-jobs. I hope to move over soon…